Welcome to International Professionals With Purpose

A supportive place for professionals working in English to connect and build confidence together.

About Us

We bring together international professionals who work in English environments to support each other as we practice and elevate our communication skills so that we can build confidence, eliminate our career barriers, and form meaningful connections along the way. 

Your hosts are Julie and Janna, highly experienced English communication coaches.

Why You Should Join Us

This is very much a ‘doing’ community - no lazy instructional memes or passive video content. The Internet is already flooded with that stuff, and watching videos or following the advice of influencers is not how you improve your active communication skills. 

Our community understands that the only way to really accomplish a goal is to commit, practice regularly, and find the right people to support you. 

With that in mind, when you join us, you'll have opportunities each week to participate in live events to practice group conversation skills, improve your writing, expand your vocabulary, build cultural competency, and help each other thrive both personally and professionally if you are living or working in English-speaking environments.

You'll get:

Two Virtual Campfire Chats per month
Two monthly global politics and current events discussion hours
Live creative writing sessions
"Get to know us" breakout sessions to connect with community members and share experiences and interests
Monthly skill challenges (speaking, writing, listening, pronunciation, idioms)
Bonus workshops (art history, U.S. history, local food, etc.)
Virtual co-working sessions
Social game night
Topics rooms devoted to your professional field
Member-driven topic discussions
“Audience buddies” who can give feedback when you need to practice for an upcoming presentation
And more! It’s really up to you!

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